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General Terms of Service

This general terms of service applies to all League Video by infinity21 Ltd website properties, accessible from multiple URLs hosted as branded versions of our platform. Each individual purchase specifies additional terms which supplement the terms here.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for this website can be found here.

Terms of Service

Purchases are final — your statutory rights are not affected. If you buy in advance and realise you have ordered the wrong product we will attempt to correct this for you; you have a statutory right of return - before the product is 'used' - however an abuse of this will lead to a permanent ban from using any of our services.

Purchases are individual — your purchase is an individual license for the use of you and your immediate household. Purchases may not be shared. Multi-location abuse of accounts will not be tolerated, a first warning will be given then access will be revoked.

Various terms:

  • that this service is for residential use only
  • you may change the device you are watching on - one at a time
  • it is your responsibility to check that your device is in good working order, up to date, and (when intending to watch a stream) is not processing, updating or downloading large files on your connection
  • you should attempt to play a test stream if made available
  • purchases are primarily 'live'. no or limited ondemand services are available. Live broadcasts can be joined later and a 'rewind' service is often available until midnight on the game day itself
  • that if you miss a live stream you cannot request a refund on that basis
  • no complaint will be acknowldged unless provided during the live event.
  • all queries should be made by email or the live chat widge on the website

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